Welcome to the FCCPS LIEP Spotlight

Dear Parents and/or Guardians,

At Falls Church City Public Schools we aim to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

Our English Language Learners are tasked with acquiring a new language and adjusting to their new school environment. Please know that we are here to support them and are amazed at how much they grow in academic and language proficiency each year!

This LIEP Spotlight will provide information about our Language Instruction Educational Program (LIEP) at FCCPS. We will also share some general tips for parents which can help your child develop English language proficiency more rapidly.

We believe in forming a strong partnership with parents, families, educators, and our Falls Church community. There’s no better way to assure that all students pre-K to high school have the support and resources they need to succeed in school and in life.

Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or building principal at any time. They are here to support you and your child. If you want additional information about the LIEP Program at FCCPS please contact the Curriculum Innovation Office 

Did You Know?

If you want to talk to someone on the phone or in person in a language other than English please ask for LANGUAGE LINE and let us know the language you need. We can quickly get an interpreter on the phone to assist you. Please click on the video below for more information.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 5.26.17 PM

Help Your Child Learn to READ

There are lots of ways that you can help your children learn to read!  From the time that they are babies to the time that they are in high school, there are many little steps you can take along the way — rhyming and singing songs, reading out loud, sounding out letters, going to the library, and reading books together in your home language.  Helping your children learn to read might also mean finding support if they are having difficulty, which can affect their future success. Read more at colorincolorado.org

Imagine Learning at Home!

FCCPS along with support from the FCEF purchased an online language and literacy program called Imagine Learning for all English Learners in the LIEP program K-8 to use in school and at home. If your child is in grades K-8 they should already have an account and login for the program which can be accessed at this web address. https://app.imaginelearning.com/ using the site code 5101290.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 7.06.30 PM

If your child does not remember their login information please contact your child’s teacher or email Jeanne Seabridge at seabridgej@fccps.org. We recommend that your child uses the program for 20 minutes daily in order to show adequate growth in language and literacy by the end of the school year.

With Imagine Language & Literacy, every child receives explicit, targeted instruction within an individualized learning path that continually adjusts to their needs. Over 4,100 engaging activities teach critical language and literacy concepts such as reading and listening comprehension, basic vocabulary, academic language, grammar, phonological awareness, phonics, and fluency. Kids love the program because it’s fun and challenging. And educators trust the program because it’s differentiated, standards-aligned, rigorous, and effective.

Is Your Child Attending HUGS, TOPS, HERO or MAX?

FCCPS offers after-school programs for all English Learners in the LIEP program at each school K-12. Each program is designed to support English Learners with language development, literacy, numeracy, enrichment, academic and social-emotional support.

  • HUGS: Hippos United in Great Success! (MDES) Oct-Dec
  • TOPS: Tiger OPeration Success! (TJES) Jan-April
  • HERO: Huskies, Excelling, Responsible and Outstanding! (MEH) Nov-June
  • MAX: Mustangs Achieving Excellence! (GMHS) Oct-June

HUGS requires parents to attend with their children. Parents are provided information concerning community and school services as well as ways to support their children at home. The children are paired with high school mentors who read and do activities with them in order to build their speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. Please contact Ann Beckman, beckmana@fccps.org for more information concerning HUGS.

TOPS meets twice a week and provides literacy support one day and numeracy on the other. Parents are invited to attend the annual TOPS field trip with their child and are invited to celebrate with us during our final session for the year. Please contact Kristine Miller, millerk@fccps.org for more information concerning TOPS.

HERO meets twice a week with one day for enrichment focused on a STEAM activity which incorporates in language, literacy and math skills. The other day is for academic support based on individual student needs. Please contact Gwen Villarreal, villarrealg@fccps.org for more information concerning HERO.

MAX meets twice a week for the majority of the school year. Students receive academic support from teachers and student peer mentors. An annual field trip is planned to visit local universities to explore degree options, financial aid, and on-campus life. Please contact Linda Saleh, salehl@fccps.org for more information concerning MAX.